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Off-Grid Land in Missouri: Guide for Ultimate Abode

Off-grid Land in Missouri Off-Grid Land in Missouri Are you looking for the perfect place to live off-grid? Do you want a secluded piece of property where you can build your dream cabin or tiny house? Look no further than Missouri, also known as the Show Me State. With its beautiful landscapes and affordable land […]

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buy land usa

Impact of Higher Interest Rates When Buying Land

Higher interest rates can have a significant impact on the cost of buying land, as they increase the amount of money that a borrower must pay in interest over the life of a loan.   When interest rates are high, the monthly payments on a mortgage or other loan to purchase land may be unaffordable […]

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hunting land

How Many Acres of Land Do You Need To Hunt?

How many acres of land you need to hunt depends on many factors.   Factors such as the type of hunting being done, the terrain and vegetation of the land, the type of game being hunted, and the hunting method being used all go into the calculation.   For example, small game such as rabbits […]

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best ways to get high-speed internet in rural areas

Best Ways To Get High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas of USA in 2023

The best ways to get high-speed internet in rural areas of USA in 2023 is one of the first questions, people ask when considering leaving the city to build their dream home on some gorgeous land.   Some people need fast internet to maintain their income if they work remotely. Many people want to ability […]

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invest in land

Can Investing In Land Grow Your Wealth?

Investing in land has been a consistent way to grow wealth for centuries. Whether it is generating passive income or selling for a profit, it is a proven way to protect your family’s wealth and if you are smart, make extra income

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a land survey

Do I Really Need To Get A Land Survey? What, When, Why And How Much?

It is not worth a land survey if you buy very rural land and are not building. From GPS coords & parcel outline, you can view maps & walk the land. You should have a survey if you are building a structure or fence close to a boundary that may encroach on a neighbor’s land. Here’s what to know…

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tiny home living

Tiny House Living-The Good, Bad And The Ugly

Tiny house living is a trend that is here to stay. More affordable, more sustainable, with less clutter. Tech is allowing more people to work remotely which will encourage more of us to move out of big cities.

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make money from raw land

17 Best Ways To Make Money From Raw Land

Here is the 16 best ways to make money from raw land. Land can provide you with solid income streams for decades! Start slowly research & take action.

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cheap vacant land for sale

Cheap Vacant Land For Sale- Is It Still Possible?

Cheap vacant land for sale still does exist! A little knowledge might be required to find your glorious future but here is the way to do it.

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modern homesteading

Modern Homesteading

Modern homesteading is choosing a lifestyle of self sufficiency. It may include raising animals, growing your own food or making your own household items….

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