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Land for sale in missouri by owner financing

Land For Sale In Missouri By Owner Financing

Finding land for sale in Missouri by owner financing is a very quick way to secure your dream property. If the land you have found is for sale by owner, you will be able to work directly with the seller to discuss owner finance options. As discussed previously, owner financing has many benefits for both the […]

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solar panels save me money

Will Solar Panels Truly Save Me Money?

Will solar panels save me money or will the costs outweigh the savings? Here is a DIY option that provides simplicity & huge cost savings…

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a land survey

Do I Really Need To Get A Land Survey? What, When, Why And How Much?

It is not worth a land survey if you buy very rural land and are not building. From GPS coords & parcel outline, you can view maps & walk the land. You should have a survey if you are building a structure or fence close to a boundary that may encroach on a neighbor’s land. Here’s what to know…

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tiny home living

Tiny House Living-The Good, Bad And The Ugly

Tiny house living is a trend that is here to stay. More affordable, more sustainable, with less clutter. Tech is allowing more people to work remotely which will encourage more of us to move out of big cities.

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make money from raw land

17 Best Ways To Make Money From Raw Land

Here is the 16 best ways to make money from raw land. Land can provide you with solid income streams for decades! Start slowly research & take action.

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cheap vacant land for sale

Cheap Vacant Land For Sale- Is It Still Possible?

Cheap vacant land for sale still does exist! A little knowledge might be required to find your glorious future but here is the way to do it.

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modern homesteading

Modern Homesteading

Modern homesteading is choosing a lifestyle of self sufficiency. It may include raising animals, growing your own food or making your own household items….

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land sale trends

Land Sale Trends During Covid-19 And Beyond

Land sale trends during covid-19 and beyond all point to factors driving land prices higher. Work from home, desire to live off the grid & sustainable living are all factors in the continuing the high demand for land.

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owner financed land in missouri

Owner Financed Land In Missouri

Owner financed land in Missouri can be tricky to find. But when you do find a fsbo seller to deal with, you can start your land journey today! Here’s how…

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off grid lifestyle

Going Off The Grid: Alternative Ways To Build

Going off the grid is even more popular now due to this crisis. Do you have a getaway place? A small hobby farm to sustain you? Have you planned ahead?

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