Frequently Asked Questions About Land Investing. Debunking The Myths


Here are some questions, we get asked all the time.

Hopefully the answer to your question, is here.

If not do not hesitate to email us or call us (479-777-9660) and we will be delighted to help you out.

Does the Property Have Utilities?

Unless specifically indicated in the description, the rural properties we represent do not have utilities.

They’re perfect for a generator or solar or wind-power.

Water would be by well in many cases

Sewer would be by septic tank

I see that I can use seller financing for some properties or pay in cash. How do I qualify for financing?

You don’t need to qualify for financing.

We do not look at your credit score at all.

Whilst you know you should never buy anything you cannot afford, if you know you can afford it over several years then get in touch.

The deed will transfer to your name approx. 2-4 weeks after you make your final payment.

If you choose to pay cash, the deed will be transferred to you approx. 2-4 weeks after you’ve paid in full.

(2-4 weeks is usually the time it takes the county to record you as the new owner)

Once your down payment clears, we’ll send out your documents to review and sign via email (This is quicker, legal, more secure than postal service and saves tons of paper). This packet will include your Land Contract, Promissory Note, and Purchase Sale Agreement.

Once you sign the documents digitally, we will set you up on automatic payments via GeekPay. This is a secure portal which you will access via username and password and will show your balance at all times. You can make over payments or pay it off at any time with no penalties.

Once you make your final payment on the property, we’ll issue you your Deed.

At that point, you own it free and clear.

If you choose the pay cash instead, once we receive payment, we email you the document to sign, send it to the county. The whole process usually takes about 2-4 weeks, and most of that is the time it takes for the county to process the paperwork.

Like with any property, if you fail to make payments, it is possible you will lose the property.

Is there any penalty for paying off a property early?

No. You can pay off your property at any time with no pre-payment penalty whatsoever. You can check your balance on GeekPay at any time, or just call us and we will confirm your pay-off amount.

How long can I finance the property? How low can I expect my monthly payment to be?

We are reasonably flexible regarding the length of the time to pay-off.

It is usually 3-6 years. If you have a proposal, get in touch and we will consider it.

I want to visit the land but not able to find the address?

Many states doesn’t assign a street address until there is some permit for improvements requested.

You can enter the Latitude/Longitude measurements on our website (known as the GPS coordinates) for the property and it should be very easy to find the exact property location.

Are mineral rights included?

No mineral rights are not included unless specifically stated. Most areas have already been geologically investigated and nothing of value has been found. We have never found this to be an issue with any of the properties we have sold. It is extremely rare for mineral rights to be included.

For most properties, you will be permitted to dig foundations and drill a well for domestic purposes. In most cases you will not be allowed to open a gold mining operation. 🙂

How much are property taxes?

The property taxes are typically current unless otherwise stated and will vary from parcel to parcel. We will disclose the tax information in all of our listings. Cost in most cases is minimal.

Do I need an attorney or real estate agent?

There is no legal requirement or obligation to use an attorney or real estate agent, though you are very welcome to. Closings will take place through a local attorney or title company so you know everything is taken care of properly.

Luckily, there are no buildings to inspect, tenants to evict or noisy neighbors to contend with.

We’ve simplified the buying process as much as possible and are always available to answer your questions.

Do I need to see the property before I buy it?

Totally up to you. You can get a good idea of the plot and the area from the photos we give you and google earth. If you feel the property is one you “must have”, it is a good idea to make the down payment first.

Then go see it.

We have had cases where interested families traveled 6 hours to visit the plot and someone bought it from our website while they were there.

There is no need to make an “appointment” to see it. Let us know when you are going and we will give you maps and GPS coordinates to get there.

Any questions, get in touch.

We look forward to helping you in your land investing journey


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