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make money from raw land

17 Best Ways To Make Money From Raw Land

How to make money from raw land is one of the topics that occupy the minds of every land owner, whether they have inherited land or whether they considering raw land as an investment and comparing it to the stock market.

It is true that most people will tell you right away that you are "foolish" if you are looking at raw land as an investment.

It is also true that the same people who say this the loudest are very often the ones who know nothing at all about raw land! (If you ask where they got their information, it will turn out to be from a random tweet or a headline they read once rather than a 20 year career in the industry!)

It is wise to speak to many people about the topic and consider all sides of every argument, but be very careful that you do not get dissuaded from a great idea to secure your family’s future wealth by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

(Annoyingly these are often the people who drone on with the loudest voices!)

Anyway, I am not here to persuade you to do anything at all.

Quite frankly, the less people invest in raw land, the better it is for all land investors as there will be way less competition.

However as you are a loyal a reader of our blog, I am happy to share some ideas with you.

Caveat- I am not suggesting that you rush out and do any of these, they are just ideas to get you thinking creatively about what is possible.

What will work for you will depend on the size of land you have, the terrain, which part of the country you are in, the population density around you and your own expertise, interests and skills.

Simply, I wish to help you get your creative juices flowing and perhaps provide a little inspiration.

The greatest wealth is often found in the simplest things. Very often the best opportunities are those that are lying right in front of you the whole time.

Here I will give you the 17 best ways to make money from raw land.

It should keep you going with solid income streams for decades to come!

Whatever you decide, start slowly, do your research and then take action. As always, before doing anything, check with planning and zoning in your county what is permitted on the land in question.

Make sure you understand the setbacks required, cost of utilities and any other restrictions on land use before starting on any project. Ok, here we go....

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#1 Make Money From Raw Land By Creating A Rural AirBnB

People are desperate to get out of the city right now. In addition, there is a huge movement for minimalism, simplicity and getting back to nature.

If you own some raw land that is attractive, with lovely views, perhaps in the woods, by a river, near mountains or local fishing/hunting spots, you could have a goldmine on your hands.

And it does not have to be fancy or luxurious either.

Just good quality, clean and functional. Many people love a rustic cabin. Many people want an affordable weekend away in nature that won’t break the bank.

You could make it a cabin, a yurt, a treehouse or even a glamping experience depending on your acreage and personal interests.

AirBnB is often seasonal, so it is likely you would not have guests all the time, but it could be an easy profitable side hustle.

#2 Make Money From Raw Land By Creating Plots For A Local Community Garden

Many people do not have enough land for themselves but would love to share a garden where they can grow their own produce for their family.

You could create a community garden and rent out plots to others.

Once people start these type of projects, they become super popular. Very few people leave and a waiting list builds up very quickly.

buy rural land

People love the community aspect of it and love teaching and learning from each other.

It is also a wonderful place for kids to be to learn about the natural environment and learn wonderful skills for life like patience, nurturing living things and understanding where food comes from.

#3 Make Money From Raw Land By Creating a Hobby Farm

One variation from this is to grow a lot of produce, enough for your own family plus a surplus. The surplus you can then sell back to the community at farmers markets.

Or if you produce high quality goods consistently enough, you might be able to get some local restaurants or cafes as regular customers.

Do not limit yourself to produce that is grown in the ground. What about branching out into orchards? Think about lemon trees, apple trees, pears, nuts, oranges etc This list is endless!

By the way, you do not have to even be the farmer if you do not have a green thumb.

You could just lease the land to the farmer who is responsible for the growing, harvesting and all the hard work.

It depends where your interests and skills lie.

#4 Raise Livestock To Make Money From Raw Land

All sorts of animals can provide you a good income. Perhaps you can raise cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, horses, ostriches or pigs.

Make money from vacant land

 Maybe you sell them for meat. Maybe you sell their produce- wool, eggs or milk.

Do not forget about the smaller animals too- beehives are very popular now. There is a risk of bees becoming extinct. More beekeepers are urgently needed. You can learn more about beginners beekeeping here.

Honey and honeycomb can be sold for food that we all know and love. But it can also be used for medicinal proposes. Bees are also beloved by gardeners everywhere as they help pollinate the flowers.

Or have you considered worm farms as a way to make money from raw land?

Some people have a great business creating compost for farmers with worm farms improving the quality of the soil. Gardeners always need them for fertilizer.

Plus fishermen always need an every ready supply of worms and other bugs for bait. You could have a nice little side income going with free ads on craigslist and very little work.

If you are fencing your property to protect ad contai livestock, always consider whether you need to get a land survey to ensure your fencing is not goign over onto your neighbors property.

#5 Turn Your Raw Land Into A Nature Reserve

Some people buy raw land to conserve the environment. This allows native animals to return to their natural habitats without encroachment from constant building, pollution, noise and humans.

It is amazing to witness the return of foxes, deer, bear, wolves and other animals and see them start thriving again. Smaller animals like bees, birds, fish and insects are also under threat in many places.

how to make money from your land

People who undertake these type of conservation projects usually buy hundreds of thousands of acres.

But ordinary people do this on a smaller scale as well. If they notice the vacant land next to them or across the road from them is for sale, they may buy it up right away.

Either, they may wish to preserve the land in its natural state.

Or buying the land will preserve their views and ensure that adjacent neighbors will not ever build next to them.

Or the extra acreage will massively boost their own existing home and land value immediately without having to make any improvements at all to the raw land.

It is a smart move.

Land tends to appreciate in value over time anyway, without doing anything. So it is a pleasant way to enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset over your ever more valuable asset.

#6 Make Your Land A Sports Persons Paradise To Generate Income

If you’ve got a nice size acreage, you can make money from your raw land in many ways.

Depending on the natural terrain, you could:

Turn it into a dirt bike track

Turn it into a paintball venue

Make it a mountain biking mecca

Put skateboard half pipes on it

Create a zipline course

Hire it out to local municipalities for firework nights, county fairs, bonfire nights, concerts and festivals, corporate team building events.

Hire it out to camping organisations, to boy scouts/girl guides groups, to orienteering groups, survivalist/prepper courses

Sell hunting leases on it

Create an outdoor shooting range. Your land needs to be a certain terrain but if you’ve got some up/down this could be a perfect venue and so much better than the indoor ranges.

Create an archery center

If you have a pond/creek/river, you could hire it out to local fishing groups

#7 Make Money From Your Vacant Land As A Land Photogenic Venue

Wedding venues are the obvious first choice which is always possible if you have a lovely garden.

make money from raw land

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