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land sale trends

Land Sale Trends During Covid-19 And Beyond

Land sale trends during covid-19 and beyond all point to factors driving land prices higher. Work from home, desire to live off the grid & sustainable living are all factors in the continuing the high demand for land.

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owner financed land in missouri

Owner Financed Land In Missouri

Owner financed land in Missouri can be tricky to find. But when you do find a fsbo seller to deal with, you can start your land journey today! Here’s how…

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off grid lifestyle

Going Off The Grid: Alternative Ways To Build

Going off the grid is even more popular now due to this crisis. Do you have a getaway place? A small hobby farm to sustain you? Have you planned ahead?

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Build a chicken coop

How To Build A Chicken Coop Cheap

Build a chicken coop cheap by doing it yourself. You do not need to be an engineer -just follow this simple plans and a little forethought and planning.

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foreigners buy land in america

Can Foreigners Buy Land In America? 

Foreigners can buy land in America as easily as US citizens. Find it online, make enquiries, pay for it, own it. You can pay someone to check it out for you or simply use google tools to check it out.

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modular homes vs manufactured homes

Modular Homes vs Manufactured Homes: Everything You Need To Know To Get It Right!

When you consider modular homes vs manufactured homes, there are many pitfalls ahead besides the actual build. Consider the zoning ordinances, the transport, the costs, the weather, the resale value and much more…

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water well for off grid living

How Viable Is A Water Well For Off Grid Living?

Is a water well viable for off grid living? You bet! A well is an important tool to ensure year round water even if you have other water collection methods

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Buy Land Cheap

You Can Buy Land Cheap-Here’s How And What to Watch Out For

When it comes to investing, the ability to buy land cheap is a great skill to acquire. Real estate overall, is one of the smart places where you could put some of your money. It is one of the most stable assets that tends to increase its value over time. Certainly you should not put ALL […]

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rye patch reservoir

Check Out Beautiful Rye Patch Reservoir (And How To Enjoy The River Ranch Resort For Free!)

Rye Patch Reservoir is the place to go to enjoy many recreational activities, have fun with your friends and families and enjoy a beautiful oasis in Nevada. You can choose to either visit for short periods- or buy land nearby. This way, you can leave your RV or boat there permanently and just pop up […]

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Solar Power Off The Grid

Solar Power Off The Grid: Not As Tricky As You Think

Setting up solar power off the grid is a scary thought for many people. The first question is usually what happens when the sun does not shine? Let’s dive into the basics of solar power and get an understanding of how it worksFirstly -What Does “Off The Grid” Mean?Going “off-the-grid” does not mean that you must […]

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