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living off the grid

Living Off The Grid: The 6 Keys To A Blissful Existence

There are so many factors about living off the grid that are appealing to many people. In fact, each year more people chose to be self sufficient and try living off the grid. By 2035, Accenture forecasts that 12% USA and 11% in Europe will live off the grid. What Is So Attractive About Living […]

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buy land in eureka county nevada

Why Buy Land In Eureka County, Nevada?

So why do people buy land in Eureka county, Nevada? Besides being beautiful , affordable, plentiful, there are plenty of other reasons that Eureka county is an undiscovered gem.  I will share some of them with you- but don’t tell too many people…or it won’t remain undiscovered for long! If you do not need to […]

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owner financed land

Owner Financed Land-Everything You Should Know Before You Do A Deal

Owner financed land is a smart thing to look out for when buying land. It is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller and has so many advantages. Read on and get the low-down on owner financed land- when to use it, what to beware of and how it can work for you…. Why […]

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fence your rural property

Do You Need To Fence Your Rural Property?

To fence your rural property or not to fence it? This is the question I know that many first time land owners panic when they first buy a rural property about putting a fence on it straight away. This is a huge job and a huge expense if you have just bought 80 acre parcel. Do You […]

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top states to buy land in USA

The Top 6 States To Buy Land In The USA

The top 6 states to buy land in the USA no doubt changes a bit from year to year. But not by very much. In general, these trends last decades due to factors such as demographics, work opportunities, climate and state taxes. These things take time to change, if ever. So a good bet this […]

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drill a well

Don’t Drill A Well Until You Read This

The need to drill a well is one of the most common issues we get asked about when buying and selling vacant land. Most of our land is remote and not connected to municipal services. This, of course, appeals to our wide audience who are desperate to get away from high costs of energy and […]

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tiny houses for sale

Tiny Houses For Sale-Are These The Answers For Your Land

Tiny houses for sale are growing in popularity as financial and environmental issues become more intense. So much so, that tiny houses have now become a “movement”. Tiny houses are generally defined as small structures, which are built efficiently but comfortably to live in measuring less than 600 square feet.What Is The Tiny House Movement?The […]

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off grid cabin

Ever Thought About Creating Your Own Off Grid Cabin and Lifestyle?

Having your own off grid cabin is something many people fantasize about from time to time. I suspect we all do every time we go to pay another water or electric bill. Here’s the steps you need to think about before you dive in and bite off more than you can chew…Why Create An Off Grid […]

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handheld GPS

Handheld GPS- Do I Need One To Find My Property?

A handheld GPS is an extremely useful tool to have on board when you buy land. In many cases rural land, does not have a street address. You will be given GPS coordinates and the legal description will consist of Section, Township and Range identifiers. For example: Section 15, T34N, R37E These section, township, range identifiers come from historical […]

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mineral rights

Mineral Rights When Buying Land: What You Need To Know

Mineral rights when buying land is a subject that concerns a lot of people. Whilst it is good to be aware of what rights you do and don’t have, in most cases it is unfounded and there is nothing to worry about.  Most people want to buy land to go hunting, camping, walk their dogs, ride […]

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