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Buy Land Cheap

You Can Buy Land Cheap-Here’s How And What to Watch Out For

When it comes to investing, the ability to buy land cheap is a great skill to acquire. Real estate overall, is one of the smart places where you could put some of your money. It is one of the most stable assets that tends to increase its value over time. Certainly you should not put ALL […]

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rye patch reservoir

Check Out Beautiful Rye Patch Reservoir (And How To Enjoy The River Ranch Resort For Free!)

Rye Patch Reservoir is the place to go to enjoy many recreational activities, have fun with your friends and families and enjoy a beautiful oasis in Nevada. You can choose to either visit for short periods- or buy land nearby. This way, you can leave your RV or boat there permanently and just pop up […]

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Solar Power Off The Grid

Solar Power Off The Grid: Not As Tricky As You Think

Setting up solar power off the grid is a scary thought for many people. The first question is usually what happens when the sun does not shine? Let’s dive into the basics of solar power and get an understanding of how it worksFirstly -What Does “Off The Grid” Mean?Going “off-the-grid” does not mean that you must […]

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Raising Chickens

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Raising Chickens

Raising chickens is surprisingly fun and rewarding. Whether you have them around as companions, family pets or a constant source of nourishing food, you will be surprised how attached you can become. Chicken rearing is not as difficult or expensive as some other farm animals but there is still a lot to learn to ensure they […]

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Shipping Container Homes: Are They The Perfect Solution To Off Grid Living?

Shipping container homes are growing in popularity- and it’s no wonder why. They are versatile, cheap and fast to build. You can buy land cheaply, get shipping container homes designed and built off site, then have it transported and placed on your land. It can all be done in 6-10 weeks. Normal house building projects […]

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land for sale by owner

Land For Sale By Owner: Why Owner Financed Land Could Be Your Golden Ticket

Land for sale by owner is an increasingly common way to transact both land and property deals. Most people are familiar with home buying and securing mortgages. Lots of begging and grovelling at the bank. Lots of minimising the amount of Starbucks coffees you have 6 months before you apply as you know the bank officer will be […]

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subdivide land

How To Subdivide Land: Tips For An Astute Land Owner

To subdivide land or not subdivide is a choice many land owners face at some point if they have a large property. This article will help you navigate how to do it, how much costs are likely to be and whether you should subdivide land or not. Perhaps you wish to split a large parcel up […]

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rainwater collection

Is Rainwater Collection A Viable Alternative To Drilling A Well?

Rainwater collection is one of the most basic, obvious things to do when you are thinking about either decreasing your utility bills or being self-sufficient  and living off the grid. Once your rainwater collection system is set up, it is largely free and some would argue, healthier than city-treated water. And as we know, water is essential. […]

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Septic system cost

What Will A Septic System Cost? A Comprehensive Rural Land Owners Guide

Septic system cost is critical to know before you start your building project. In fact, it is prudent to have a good idea of the costs before you even buy land.  If you want to live off the grid, every rural parcel will require a septic system that meets with county regulations. Most counties in most […]

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Homesteading: How To Be Self-Sufficient And Get Started Today

Homesteading is very trendy and hip right now. It means so many things to many different people.It can range from growing a few vegetables in your apartment (I am not joking- this is called urban homesteading!) to owning and managing hundreds of acres of crops and animals. But for most people, homesteading lies somewhere in between.It […]

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