About Us

Our dedicated team at Vacant Land USA are passionate land investors who seek out excellent land parcels to bring to our community.

We have been involved in the property market in the USA and international markets for over 20 years. We are experienced in land deals, rental properties, residential and commercial property.

Land deals are the main focus now as land has so many more advantages

  1. So much cheaper for most people to get in
  2. Allows the buyer to be more creative. Its like buying a blank canvas, and having the opportunity to create almost anything your heart desires
  3. Low ongoing costs- if you prefer to do nothing and simply hold for investment- that’s fine too. Most property taxes on land are miniscule
  4. Less that can go wrong. There are no broken toilets, no leaking roofs and no no-paying tenants. These are all common issues causing grey hair in anyone who holds a rental portfolio

If you are looking for a piece of property that you cannot see listed on our site, please get in touch. We may have it, or we may be able to source it through our extensive network. 

There is something for everyone- whether you are a beginner looking to dip your toe in the water and buy your first piece of land or whether you are a serial purchaser of high value land acreage looking to up-level your investments.

Who are our customers?

People who wish to live off the grid and learn to be self-sufficient.

People looking for their own parcel of land for awesome adventure weekends to ride ATVs, horses, go hunting, mountain biking, bird watching, fishing, camping, paint-balling, gold panning and more…

Perhaps you are looking to start a cool business and need space!

Perhaps it is investment… hold and sell in 30 years. Or pass onto the kids

Perhaps a retirement property to build on later

Investors looking to diversify their investments

Land is a finite investment

It is real. You can walk on it.

It does not disappear overnight…

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Buying land can be a nerve wracking process.

We get it!

How do you know you are doing the right thing? Call us, email us any time to have your questions answered. We also encourage you to call the county planning and zoning to make sure you can use the land as you plan to

We are dedicated to not only happy customers, but delighted customers who tell their friends about the excellent service they received, the great property they have purchased and recommend them to us.

Check out our current listings. By the way some of our land sells super fast to the people on our VIP list before it even gets to the website. If you want to be one of those who hear about the best deals first, email us to get on THAT list