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Septic system cost

What Will A Septic System Cost? A Comprehensive Rural Land Owners Guide

Septic system cost is critical to know before you start your building project. In fact, it is prudent to have a good idea of the costs before you even buy land.  If you want to live off the grid, every rural parcel will require a septic system that meets with county regulations. Most counties in most […]

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Homesteading: How To Be Self-Sufficient And Get Started Today

Homesteading is very trendy and hip right now. It means so many things to many different people.It can range from growing a few vegetables in your apartment (I am not joking- this is called urban homesteading!) to owning and managing hundreds of acres of crops and animals. But for most people, homesteading lies somewhere in between.It […]

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how to buy land

How To Buy Land Safely and Profitably

Do you know how to buy land? Here is the low-down on how to buy land safely and profitably. It is not as scary as you might think and who knows, you may even enjoy the process and repeat it many times as you decide to grow your small empire…. It is much less scary, and less risky […]

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land for sale in oregon

Why You Should Snap Up Land For Sale In Oregon

Land for sale in Oregon is hot right now. People who live there already know this, of course. Some people buy land to start a homestead for their family and become self sufficient Some people buy land in Oregon for farming and growing a business Some people check out land for sale in Oregon to gain some independence and […]

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hunting land for sale

Hunting Land For Sale: Important Factors To Consider

Hunting land for sale is a phrase commonly talked about by anyone who hunts. Imagine having your very own hunting grounds. Imagine being able to go hunting whenever the season is right and you can slink off work for a few days. Continuing to rely on public lands or getting an invite to someone else’s […]

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underground shelter

Build Your Kick-Ass Underground Shelter-Well In Advance

While you are looking at land to buy you may also be considering creating a decent underground shelter just in case you need it. Peace time is the only time to build one. If you wait until there is a disaster, virus, chemical attack, nuclear attack, civil unrest, it is too late. Many of our customers […]

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living off the grid

Living Off The Grid: The 6 Keys To A Blissful Existence

There are so many factors about living off the grid that are appealing to many people. In fact, each year more people chose to be self sufficient and try living off the grid. By 2035, Accenture forecasts that 12% USA and 11% in Europe will live off the grid. What Is So Attractive About Living […]

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buy land in eureka county nevada

Why Buy Land In Eureka County, Nevada?

So why do people buy land in Eureka county, Nevada? Besides being beautiful , affordable, plentiful, there are plenty of other reasons that Eureka county is an undiscovered gem.  I will share some of them with you- but don’t tell too many people…or it won’t remain undiscovered for long! If you do not need to […]

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owner financed land

Owner Financed Land-Everything You Should Know Before You Do A Deal

Owner financed land is a smart thing to look out for when buying land. It is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller and has so many advantages. Read on the get the low-down on owner financed land- when to use it, what to beware of and how it can work for you…. Why […]

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fence your rural property

Do You Need To Fence Your Rural Property?

To fence your rural property or not to fence it? This is the question I know that many first time land owners panic when they first buy a rural property about putting a fence on it straight away. This is a huge job and a huge expense if you have just bought 80 acre parcel. Do You […]

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