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Why You Should Snap Up Land For Sale In Oregon

Land for sale in Oregon is hot right now.

People who live there already know this, of course. But did you know Oregon has made it on the top States to buy land in the USA?

Some people buy land to start a homestead for their family and become self sufficient

Some people buy land in Oregon for farming and growing a business

Some people check out land for sale in Oregon to gain some independence and get away from the whims of the rental market

Some people buy Oregon land to build the home they have always dreamed of.

Some people simply buy undeveloped land in Oregon as an investment to “own” something to give them options later on. Perhaps at retirement they can either downsize and move there, or sell it for a profit down the track.

Whatever your reason for looking for vacant land for sale in Oregon, it is a good reason to start now as prices tend to continue their upward march over time.

According to an article published in USA today, a good reason to buy land in Oregon is that it is the  6th fastest growing state in the USA, with many people moving there for economic opportunity.

Oregon is growing in population From 2010-2015 it grew 5.2% according the Census Bureau. In 2016 population 4.09 million.

So What’s All The Fuss About Oregon Land?

Here are the 8 top reasons to consider why Oregon might be your next destination of choice to buy some land. You don't even have to live there to buy land in Oregon. Simply stake your claim before it’s too late.

1) Cool hipster cities

Oregon has lots of amazing cities and towns. Portland is well known for having a cool hipster culture. With that, of course, comes a high cost of living -like all cool hipster cities.

There are plenty of amazing work opportunities with big corporate leading edge companies like Intel and Nike. But there is also a great vibrant start-up culture which encourages risk taking and innovation.

House prices can be tricky though. As more people move to Oregon, rents continue to rise. People who rent here may find it hard to save enough money to buy a house. House prices have also soared in recent years. Many of our clients, look for land for sale in Oregon- so they have something that they own now that will continue grow in value over time.

Some create a weekend log cabin that they can disappear to on the weekends to de-stress and chill out in nature. Others keep it as a project and learn how to live off the grid, grow some food and live a simple life for a few weeks a year. This can be extremely satisfying and more rewarding than always spending your vacation time in over priced hotels.

Others simply keep it as an investment for now and keep their options open for later.

But it's not just Portland which attracts newcomers! Oregon is full of lesser known gems like Eugene, Salem and many of the coastal towns which very cool as well and lovely places to visit.

2) Oregon is leading the charge on renewable energy

If you buy some cheap land for sale in Oregon, it is likely to be an off grid property. You will either need a generator or solar panels. Oregon government as been very supportive re solar energy. Oregon consistently ranks among the most environmentally friendly states in the USA. This is fantastic news for anyone considering buying land in Oregon to set up a homestead or an off-grid lifestyle.

3) Fit outdoors culture

Oregon has relatively mild winters which encourages biking, hiking, camping and getting outside in nature.

buy land for sale in oregon

There are plenty of gorgeous parks, forests and trails to head off road on your mountain bikes.

Also many of the cities encourage bike commuting with an extensive array of bike paths.

4) Buy Land For Sale In Oregon and Grow Your Own Food

Oregon has an extensive amount of farmland. You can either elect to buy amazing organic produce at local farmers markets and roadside stands to support the local people.

Or buy some Oregon land and start growing yourself.  Why not create a little homestead and start to learn to be self sufficient?

buy land in oregon

Farming takes some know-how, for sure, and there is a lot to learn about soil, weather patterns and how to care for the plants however, half the fun is the learning process and it is amazing how anything you grow yourself tastes so much better!

Much of the land for sale in Oregon is zoned residential or agricultural which allow growing and farming and a single family dwelling.

Start small and try your hand at berries, potatoes, green peas, apples and cherries.

5) Incredible Natural Beauty In The State And National Parks

One reason to consider buying land in Oregon is the proximity to stunning natural beauty. For outdoors folk, there is so much adventure and fun to be had. But even if you do not enjoy throwing yourself down a mountain on a bike or doing challenging hikes across mountain ranges, just getting in your car or van and going on a stunning drive through the forests simply makes your heart soar.

Crater Lake National Park is one example. It is absolutely breath-taking and a “must see”.

land for sale in oregon

Crater Lake is in Klamath county which is the 4th largest county in Oregon. It boasts an average of 300 days sunshine per year and average 38 inches snowfall.

Klamath county is packed with mountains lakes and streams and offers everything from boating to mountain biking to fly-fishing. Klamath Lake itself covers an enormous 133 square miles. You can find some awesome cheap land for sale in Southern and Eastern Oregon.

There in incredible beauty in all of the Oregon counties and lots to discover. Also do not miss the stunning coastline.

6) Oregon Loves Coffee Snobs

Anywhere that does great coffee gets a bonus point in our books. And Oregon does not disappoint.

land for sale in oregon

Oregon has a vast array of coffee on offer and most of it rates amongst the best in the country.

For coffee lovers, this alone is one reason to consider moving to Oregon.

7) No State Sales Tax

Oregon is one of the few states with no sales tax. There is of course higher income tax to contend with but no sales tax.

8) Buy Land For Sale In Oregon And Grow Your Own Wine

Oregon is fast developing a respected reputation as producing some of the finest pinot Noir in the country. Check out this article from the UK’s Independent newspaper who have already taken note.

There are currently 16 different American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) including Willamette Valley, Yamhill-Carlton and the Dundee Hills. As of 2017, there were over 770 wineries. The latest figures up to August 2018, states that in 2018 3.9 million cases of wine have been sold.

Who knows? If you have a green thumb and some knowledge of soil, climates and vines, this could be one area to consider starting a small business.

How To Buy Land For Sale in Oregon

Check out our available land for sale in Oregon here

Land is very popular right now so sometimes it goes before we even have a chance to put it on the website. If you are interested, send us an Email to get on the pre notification list. If you are looking for something specific, let us know.

Is Seller Financing Available For Oregon Land?

You bet! We offer all our Oregon land for sale on owner finance terms. So this means you do not have to waste 15 years saving for a down payment only to find prices have run away and you still can’t get a place to call your own!

Instead find some land for sale that you like, place a small down payment eg $500- $1000, then start making monthly payments. In most cases you can use the land right away (please check as some vary) and before long, you will own the parcel outright. Read more about land for sale by owner in Oregon. It's 

So consider land for sale in Oregon. Oregon is a wonderful place is a great place with a lot to offer ad a depth of culture.

We love it!

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