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Buy Land Cheap

You Can Buy Land Cheap-Here’s How And What to Watch Out For

When it comes to investing, the ability to buy land cheap is a great skill to acquire. Real estate overall, is one of the smart places where you could put some of your money. It is one of the most stable assets that tends to increase its value over time.

Certainly you should not put ALL of your money in any one place, however it is a wise move to place some of your wealth in real estate, property or land.

WIth land specifically, as the gurus say “they aren’t making any more of it” which continues to push demand up.

Also everywhere you look, within cities, rural towns and just outside the towns, you can see more and more land being developed for commercial centers, homes and apartments.

If you can buy land cheap, then you are in a great position to hold it for the long term, or have somewhere you can build one day or pass on to your future generations.

When you buy land cheap, you ensure your own security as you always have somewhere you can go. You cannot be kicked off or told to leave (assuming you keep your property taxes up to date!)

Why Look To Buy Land Cheap?

Perhaps you want to create a dream home for you and your family?

Perhaps you want to start a business on the land- Dog kennels? Stables? Farming? Animal breeding? Shooting range? There are so many options and so much opportunity.

Perhaps you cannot quite stretch to the $350,000-$500,000 required in most states to buy a pre-built house on a nice street?

No problem- instead- buy cheap land and put a cabin on it or a manufactured home, or a tiny home (depending on the zoning).

As the land increases in value over time, you may be able to trade up.

Assuming you do some of the work to drill a well or install septic system, or generate power from solar energy, other people will pay handsomely for the privilege to have that already done.

Seriously there is a serious business here for the right person who has either the DIY skills or the project management skills to get the basic set up done..

Buy land cheap that you can afford, set up utilities and re-sell the land at a higher price. Once you have the skills and know some reliable contractors, simply rinse and repeat.

Keep looking to buy land cheap with  larger and larger parcels.

Many people do not want to do this work, but are happy to pay a higher price to have it already done.

Buy Land cheap

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