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top states to buy land in USA

The Top 6 States To Buy Land In The USA

The top 6 states to buy land in the USA no doubt changes a bit from year to year. But not by very much. In general, these trends last decades due to factors such as demographics, work opportunities, climate and state taxes. These things take time to change, if ever. So a good bet this year is likely to be a good bet for decades to come.

The most important factor when thinking about where to buy land of course is what suits you and why.

You will have personal reasons on where to buy such as proximity to family and friends, work and leisure.

Examine your own reasons for buying land.  There may be personal reasons for choosing somewhere that does not make this list. This does not matter at all.

And who is to say you will limit yourself to buying just one parcel?

Perhaps you will buy land in your home state because that is where you grew up, you know the soil there is good for growing, you know the area well so you know the potential areas for future development.

Perhaps later on you decide that buying land was such a painless procedure, relatively affordable and now you wish to diversify and expand your holdings into different states.

For your additional parcels, perhaps you wish to buy more in an up and coming area, or perhaps you wish to seek out some hunting grounds, or some land for your family to camp on at vacation time or maybe you have decided to be self sufficient and live off the grid.

Depending on whether you are an investor choosing to buy land to make a profit in a few years or whether you are buying for personal reasons will very much influence your choice of destination.

If you are lucky a few reasons may coincide.

It may be your family had to move to Reno for job opportunities and you had happened to be looking to move from cold New York winters to live in Nevada for half the year.

It just so happens that Nevada is one of the top 6 states to buy land in the USA in right now.

It could be a happy coincidence.

Check out the state and the area before you go

If you are buying for investment, it is less important to check out the land and the exact location (unless you are looking for something specific). For example, if you think Reno is about to boom, you may want to buy land within 30 minutes of Reno. If you are keen on Nevada as a whole, perhaps you just want to buy as much land as you can anywhere in Nevada while it is cheap and hold it for the long term.

Check out our current listings in Nevada here

If you are buying to live there yourself, it is a great idea to spend some time in the area. Get to know the towns nearby, what facilities are available? Gym? Supermarkets? Doctors? Hospitals? Recreation facilities? Social clubs?  

Top 6 States To Buy Land In The USA

Here we are the top 6 states to buy land in the USA this year. These factors are largely based on demographics, movement of people, things to do and affordability.

6. Oregon

Oregon has been moving up the list for a good few years now and has made it to number 6. 

It has a population growth of 1.39%, with total population 4.1 million.

Great cities like Portland, Bend and Eugene and thriving with plenty of community and plenty of work opportunities.

Similar to Silicon Valley, Oregon has its Silicon Forest as there are so many high-tech companies located in the Portland metropolitan area. The high technology industries in the state have been a major employer ever since the 1970s, led by tech giants such as Intel, Tektronix, IBM, and more than 25 other tech firms. In 2012, Intel, with its Ronler Acres campus, employed around 17,000 people in Oregon – more than anywhere else in the country.

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The city of Beaverton, OR is also home to the world headquarters of Nike, Inc. – the multibillion dollar company that was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports.

the top 6 states to buy land in the USA

Also in its favour its excellent food, great variety of beer, lots of hippies, progressive attitudes and four climatic seasons.

The state of Oregon is also home to world-class vineyards scattered among picturesque wine towns.

There are over 500 wineries in the Willamette Valley – the state’s leading wine region that is recognized as one of the best Pinot noir producing regions in the entire world.

As added bonuses, Oregon has no sales tax and an abundance of breathtaking natural beauty. Definitely a place to consider living and investing in land.

5. Texas

Texas has been a firm favorite for a while now. It has a population growth rate of 1.43% and a total population 28.3 million.

Great towns and cities on the rise in Texas include:

Austin, Houston, Frisco and Conroe which have all seen rises in population and business development.

Five of the 10 fastest-growing cities in the country were in Texas, according to new figures from the US Census Bureau. New York is way out in front in terms of added population, but Houston is second with San Antonio and Austin fourth and fifth. Not far behind are Dallas and Fort Worth.

the top 6 states to buy land in the USA

Having no state income tax is a fabulous benefit and also helps ease the stress at tax time.

Not only are new people flocking to Texas. Native Texans aren't leaving the state either. It is the "stickiest" state in the country, according to the latest figures from the Pew Research Center, which suggest that more than three-quarters of adults born in Texas still live there

Texas is a great place to consider to buy land

4. Florida

Florida has been popular for a long time with vacationers from the north looking for warmer climates. It is also popular with retirees for a no personal income tax state with warm weather year round, great health care and awesome golf courses.

The population growth rate is 1.82% with a total population of 20.98 million

In 2014, Florida overtook New York as the most populous state. 

Interesting cities with a lot going on include Marianna, Doral and Sweetwater

There are lots of beautiful beaches packed with marine life under the water and an abundance of sports on top of the water.

best states to buy land in usa

Entertainment is never ending in Florida with Disneyland, Busch Gardens, Legoland, Kennedy Space Center and plenty of museums, culture and food.

The economy in Florida is healthy. The boom of healthcare research, biomedical sciences, recreational industries has caused rapid economic growth in Florida and turned it into one of the “best states for business” in USA.

Nowadays, the GDP in Florida is the fourth largest in the U.S., the unemployment rate is very low, and the highly developed service sector offers plenty of jobs and opportunities

The reasons so many people choose to move to Florida continue to grow and grow.

3. Utah 

Utah was in the top 11 safest states in USA plus with great weather, incredible outdoors and a strong economy, what’s not to like?

Its population growth rate is 1.89% with total population is 3.102 million. Utah also has the 2nd lowest unemployment rate in the nation according the the Bureau of Labor Statistics.. Cities like Provo/Orem Salt Lake City , Ogden/Clearfield and St George are amongst the top 10% employment rate across the nation. Livability ranked Provo the 4th best town in the US.

Utah boasts 5 National Parks- due to its abundance of beauty and breathtaking views. It also is home to the only warm water scuba spot in the continental Unites States. Homestead Crater is 90-96 degrees and is crystal clear and super deep.

the top 6 states to buy land in the USA

Utah has an epic music scene, awesome film scene- hosting Sundance film festival each year.

It has the best mountain biking on the planet and insane skiing.

Provo has strong tech companies. It is also a great place to live. In fact, the Provo-Orem area has topped the Gallup-Healthways well being list for the second time in six years.

When you arrive, you will notice the sense of community is unrivalled. It is not unusual to have a neighbour arrive with a home cooked casserole.

And where else can you live a decent driving (and possibly walking) distance from some of the best hiking, climbing, boating, skiing, boarding, riding, rafting, camping, biking, and running available in world-renowned national parks?

2. Nevada 

Nevada ranks number 2 on the top 6 states to buy land in USA list for very good reasons. It has an excellent culture scene with concerts, symphonies, art galleries, museums, national cowboy poetry festivals and massive performing arts centers.

It has fantastic skiing and great weather year round.

There are striking desert landscapes but also a lot of lakes and rivers. Nevada is home to the largest alpine lake in USA and the second deepest lake in the US.  Also – have you ever seen Hoover dam?

top states to buy land

Nearly three quarters of the people living in Nevada live in the Las Vegas area, but the Silver State offers many other great places to live. If you are looking for some highly rated towns consider Elko, Reno, Mesquite, Henderson and Paradise.

Beyond the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas that Nevada is known for, the state offers beautiful natural areas such as Lake Mead, Cathedral Gorge State Park and Lake Tahoe.

Obviously tourism and gaming are a big deal in Nevada, but there are many successful industries here. Manufacturing, logistics, and aerospace are also big fields in Nevada, and mining, contrary to some's beliefs, is still a very active and vital part of Nevada's economy. Nevada is one of the largest producers of gold in the world. Construction and tech are other industries also on the rise.

Reno and Las Vegas are two of Nevada's largest cities but there are many other large cities, such as Henderson, Sparks, and Carson City. And if you love medium to small town living, Nevada is rich with places like Elko, Mesquite, Fernley, Fallon, Winnemucca, Ely, Caliente and Lovelock.

Tourism, mining and cattle ranching anchor the economy in Nevada. There is no personal income tax or corporate income tax in Nevada. And this has helped many larger companies consider Nevada for their headquarters or part of their operations bring considerable job opportunities and expansion to the state.

Perfect opportunity for the astute land investor. Check out more about buying land in Eureka county, Nevada here.

So where is the number 1 state to buy land in USA in 2018?

1. Idaho

Idaho makes it to the esteemed position of top state to buy land right now in USA. It is a leading agricultural export in USA. Nestled against the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon, Idaho offers a scenic mix of rivers, jagged peaks and farmland with the lowest cost of living of the 11 western states.

Although the 11th-largest state in terms of size, Idaho ranks 39th in population. Its population growth rate is huge at 2.2% with a total population of 1.71million

Places like Boise have a reputation for good schools and a fair cost of living.  Towns like Meridian and Eagle are favorites of the locals in the know. They are close to wilderness but also great job opportunities. 

Idaho has one of the highest percentages of residents participating in outdoor recreation each year. It is a favorite of whitewater rafters and kayakers, with the middle fork of the Salmon River regarded as one of the nation’s premier wilderness rivers.

In the winter, skiers and snow boarders flock to Idaho’s well-known resorts. World-renowned Sun Valley is home to many Olympic skiers and snowboarders, and also is an official training site for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Nordic ski teams. The Sun Valley Nordic & Snowshoe Center has more 25 miles of groomed trails that also are open to the public.

Sandpoint, about 80 miles northeast of Spokane, Washington, has been called one of the best “under the radar” ski towns in the west, thanks to nearby Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

In warm weather months, many ski trails provide scenic challenges for mountain bikers of all skill levels. The annual Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival is held in mid-summer. The rugged Sawtooth Wilderness offers 217,000 acres of jagged peaks, alpine lakes and dense forests with numerous camping areas.

Idaho also boasts a cutting edge music scene with famous festivals held with top artists throughout the year. 

Idaho is well known for its trout fishing. Among the better-known trout streams are the South Fork of the Snake River and Henrys Fork of the Snake River. Fly fishing is also a firm favorite pastime.

If you have not been there yet, why not plan a trip to see why its become one of the top 6 states to buy land in the USA?

Top 6 States To Buy Land In USA

In summary, there are so many awesome places in USA to buy land. We never have to limit ourselves to just one state either.

If you cannot decide which is best, and you have a little disposable capital, why not consider gradually buying something in each state, spreading your risk and your opportunity.

It may be cheaper than you think.

For example in some places in Nevada or Utah you may be able to pick up a small acreage for a few thousand dollars or less.

Florida and Texas may cost you a little more. But all of it is far less than saving your whole life for a house in the city thinking "one day I'll move out, get some land and create a homestead" 

You can keep the land for investment, or visit it a couple of times a year in your RV or a tent. Or gradually build your log cabin and weekend retreat off the grid. Become self sufficient, create your own energy sources, grow your own vegetables and learn to hunt and fish. Such a rewarding project. Wherever you decide to buy, owning land is a great asset to have as part of your portfolio.

Check out our current listings here. When you check out this page, there may or may not be land available in the state you desire. We focus on buying land in the top 6 states to buy land in the USA for many of the reasons mentioned above and because of this, land often sells through fast.

Get in touch if you have any questions or if you are looking for land in a state and cannot find any. It helps us locate want you want if we have several requests for a similar type of land or location

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