Nevada Land For Sale. To 5 Reasons People Are Buying Land In Nevada
Nevada Land For Sale

Nevada Land For Sale

Nevada land for sale is one of the coolest topics to discuss amongst millennials, retirees, hunters, farmers and preppers. It is a stunning place to live with outstanding natural beauty, you can truly get away from the traffic, pollution and chaos.

The people are super friendly.

Super trendy high tech companies are also seeing the immense opportunity and moving in BIG time like Tesla, Zappos, Panasonic and more. Bloomberg asked the question last year if Reno was the new Silicon Valley. With this comes work opportunities for millions, but also improved infrastructure, roads, hospitals, services of all kinds-and rising land prices!

If you are buying land for investment, Nevada land is a pretty smart bet due to the millions (if not billions!) pouring into the state right now.

nevada land for sale

Equally if you actually want to get away from it all, and live off the grid and be self sufficient, there are a ton of places you can do just this.

It really does have it all and another bonus, currently Nevada land for sale is some of the cheapest out there.

Why Are You Looking At Nevada Land For Sale?

With all these awesome reason to invest in Nevada land for sale, the question you need to answer is why do YOU want land in Nevada?

Whenever you are bitten by the investing bug, it is wise to pause for 48 hours and check if you still feel the same in a couple of days time.

If you do, then move forward with confidence and do not give up until you get land in your name.

With any goal, as soon as you set it, obstacles may pop up. Get the answers you need and move forward and be an action taker.

Do not quiver and second guess yourself or let your dreams be stolen by indecision.

Here are the top 5 reasons people seek to buy Nevada land for sale. You may fit one of these, a couple of these or have different reasons completely.

It does not matter as long as you know what you are hoping to achieve.

1. Buy Nevada land as investment

Just like the stock market, there are two investment strategies that appeal to savvy investors. One is buy and hold. Land is Nevada is cheap right now.


It is a very low risk strategy. At Vacant Land USA, we have investors working with us each month looking to buy ANY Nevada land we get, as they have researched the state, they know there is a lot of activity and they foresee significant appreciation.

buy land in Nevada

These people know nothing about land.

They don't need to.

They are not going to do anything with it.

They do not care about soil quality, water, road or nearby towns.

All they know is Nevada is growing and is at the start of a mega upward trend and in 10-20 years time, the land will be worth a lot more.

Holding costs and property taxes in Nevada are very low. For example, I have 40 acres in Nevada which I pay just $35 a year to hold.


I can hold that for years, do nothing with it and watch what happens. There is nothing to maintain, no roofs to fix, no tenants to chase. I can sleep well at night.

Buying land in Nevada is an awesome diversification play. A lot of people are up to the eyeballs in stocks, bonds and Bitcoin. These may go up, they may crash, they may go to zero overnight.

It is smart to spread your risk across different asset classes. Land has been there for millennia. It will be there for the rest of your lifetime, your children’s lifetime and your grandchildren’s lifetime.

Prices are stable. It is possible they stay the same over time, it is more likely they will go up over time (especially in Nevada as discussed) but is it almost impossible that they go to zero.

Stability is good. It helps good sleep!

2. Buy Nevada land to start a business

Many of our clients buy cheap land in Nevada to start a business. Some start outdoor adventure companies, some start campgrounds, some start caravan parks, mobile home parks, others start paintball /airsoft experiences, others start ranch with animals and crops.

buy land in nevada

All good options

Nevada is very pro business and the state wants business people so it is fairly straight forward to get things set up.

Another bonus for small business: Nevada has no state income tax

Before you plunge ahead, make sure you check the land usage of the parcel you are going to buy. See my free guide on the 3 essential questions to ask BEFORE buying land.

Check with the planning and zoning department in your county that your specific plans will be approved on that site.

3. Buy Nevada land to live off the grid

There is a huge trend right now to live off the grid.

To be self sufficient.

To live sustainably.

This is such a great thing to do.

However it does require skills.

A lot of them.

What will you do for shelter, food, water, power etc etc?

All very cool challenges to overcome.

If you already have skills, go for it.

If not I suggest start slowly.

Go for a weekend away, see if you like it.

The try a week, then a month.

There is a ton of info around on how to set up life off the grid- things like solar panels, water filtration, cooking on open fires and so much more. It is huge! And great fun.

Buying Nevada land for sale does not have to mean selling up your LA penthouse and go full time on the land. A lot of people choose to do half and half.

Work hard, live the city life, then spend the summer in their tent, RV, or cabin, living “off the grid” and getting back to nature, learning some skills and detoxing from the hustle and bustle.

4. Buy Nevada land as a retirement play

Many of our clients buy Nevada land now while it is cheap with a view to having it later on for when they retire.

They create options for themselves.

Then can decide to build later.

Or bring an RV to park on site.

This allows them to downsize and release equity in their home to live off.

5. Buy Nevada land as a chill-out, family holiday spot

Many of our best memories come from family holidays or college trips away camping. Toasting marshmallows under the stars, singing songs, having great discussions.

Buying Nevada land for sale allows you to have that whenever you want.

Go every weekend with the kids or with your friends. Go dirt biking, camping, hiking, ride ATVs or just chill out and listen to that rare sound… silence…

To Buy Nevada Land For Sale By Owner Or Go With A Broker?

There are a lot of opportunities in Nevada to buy land direct from the owner.

This is a great way to go.

The owner can generally tell you a lot about the area and the property. They are not a high pressure salesman. They are generally honest, down to earth and want their land to go to a good home.

The price is often much better as they do not charge commissions.

The sale is often easy and straight forward.

Land in Nevada is cheap and to be honest the brokers are nowhere to be found as they would not work for such low commissions.

A broker can make sense in a bigger deals where you need some expertise. For example if you are looking to buy a thriving farm or agricultural business worth millions of dollars.

A broker might have a list of 3-5 such business they can show you to cut down your search time and advise you on the pros and cons of each transaction.

Top 3 Reasons To Buy Land in Nevada

We think buying land in Nevada is a smart move right now.

Here are our top 3 reasons to check out Nevada

Land in Nevada is Cheap

Nevada land for sale is typically priced around $350-$600 an acre

The cost of land per acre in neighboring states is significantly higher

Arizona is typically $700-1200 per acre

Colorado is $1000-$5000 per acre

California is $5000 and upwards per acre

As discussed above, Nevada is cheap but there is so much business activity happening, investment dollars pouring in, that it is on the cusp of a long and steady move upwards

Low Cost Of Living In Nevada 

Nevada has no state income tax. Add on top of that, general living costs are low. Nevada has one of the lowest costs in the country for housing, food, entertainment and transport.

There are a ton of "must- see destinations in Nevada, It is not all about Las Vegas.

Check out Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon and Lake Tahoe and lots of national parks 

The Silver State is also home to cool communities packed with restaurants, shops and entertainment venues, and no matter the season, outdoor adventurers can enjoy mountain biking, fishing, hunting, hiking and skiing and more

Land Investment Is Cool

Diversification of assets is always cool.

Land investing is cool with smart investors

Land investing is cool with off gridders and preppers who are getting ready and preparing for the “just in case: scenario

Land investing is cool with small business looking to grow

Land investing is cool with big companies looking to bring their executives for team building experiences in the great outdoors.

Land investing is cool with downsizers looking to live more cheaply and not work so hard

Do yourself a favor and check out our current land for sale in Nevada.

If you are looking for something not on our site, email us and let us know. We continue to acquire land all the time.

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