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buy land in eureka county nevada

Why Buy Land In Eureka County, Nevada?

So why do people buy land in Eureka county, Nevada? Besides being beautiful , affordable, plentiful, there are plenty of other reasons that Eureka county is an undiscovered gem.  I will share some of them with you- but don’t tell too many people…or it won’t remain undiscovered for long!

buy land in Eureka county Nevada

buy land in Eureka county Nevada

If you do not need to be in a major city for work, why would you?

Reasons To Buy Land In Eureka County, Nevada

1.Get away from traffic, chaos, neighbors, crowds and busy bodies

Perhaps you are a writer and you can write anywhere. Sometimes it helps to get away to a place with no distractions so you can sit down and get that best selling novel written.

Perhaps you are a singer or actor and need some time away from Hollywood or Las Vegas to chill out and be normal, away from the crowds. Get a great sized ranch and be grounded for a few weeks

2. Lower your expenses and live affordably

Perhaps you want to lower your expenses and live affordably. Whether you are retiring soon and need to save some cash. Or whether you are just starting out and need to keep living expenses low for a while, to buy land in Eureka county, Nevada is cheap right now. Instead of saving up for 15 years to buy an overpriced home, you could set up a mobile home here very cheaply and affordably. Or live in your RV. Or build your dream home cheaper than in major cities.

It is always a good idea to lower your cost of living and save as much as you can. Eureka county cost of living is approximately 13% lower than rest of USA.

3. You Love The Great Outdoors

Perhaps you love love the great outdoors and enjoy hiking, dirt biking, jeep riding, ATV riding or hunting. There is plenty of recreation opportunities in Eureka county, wide open spaces and fresh mountain air. Mule deer are in abundance, as are chukar patridge and quail broods.

4. Get Your Bunker (And Yourself) Prepared

Perhaps you are a prepper or survivalist. You want to go off the beaten track and live off the grid. You may want to buy land in Eureka county, Nevada to build an awesome cabin with a bunker. You could set up a very cool off grid project and learn how to generate your own power, collect your own water, drill a well and learn to survive off the land.

As you can build anything here without permits and regulations, it is possible to build your own underground shelter without authorities being aware of it. Privacy is so crucial that even when you buy an underground shelter from a company, most insist on not knowing your real name and not knowing where the shelters end up.  This is critical in times of disaster. Underground shelters can range from a DIY project and an underground cave/tunnel with a few cans and water bottles to a luxurious place to spend several years with libraries, swimming pools, self sustaining food, water and air filtrations systems. Check out more about underground shelters here.

5. Increase Freedom, Decrease Regulation

Perhaps you love travelling the USA in your RV and need somewhere to park it for a few months a year.

Perhaps you sick and tired of over regulation and people telling you what you can and cant do. There are no zoning regulations in Eureka county, so you can camp or RV for as long as you want. Within reason you can build what you want. (Always double check with the county, of course, but there is no zoning regulation which is a major blessing)

6. Invest Wisely For The Future

Perhaps you are a smart investor and can spot a good bargain. You can buy amazing parcels of land here for very little money. How big can you go? 40 acres, 80 acres, 160 acres for very little money. You can, in most cases arrange to buy owner financed land so with no credit checks, you get the loan and you can spread the payments out over time. Imagine owning all the land as far as your eye can see! Who knows what it could be worth 50 years from now. The wealthiest people in the country invest in as much land as they can. Buying land in Eureka county, Nevada is also a wise diversification move. It is not a great idea to have all your wealth in the stock market or all of it in Bitcoin, or even your own company. Spread it out across different assets like land, so you are protected in case something goes wrong.

7. Improve Your Health When You Buy Land In Eureka County, Nevada

Perhaps you wish to detox, recharge your body and your soul. There is nothing quite like breathing fresh air, watching amazing sunsets and getting some regular good sleep to make you feel better, younger, freer and more creative. Then you can return to your busy job and stressful desk ready to be of greater service to your clients, customers and colleagues.

You could set up a peaceful retreat house, where you come twice a year for a few weeks to meditate, go for long walks on your land, drink plenty of water, eat natural food, slow down the hustle and bustle of life and  and return refreshed with a greater perspective on what is important to you

Wondering If You Should Buy Land In Eureka County, Nevada? Here Are The Basic Facts 

Eureka county is the second least populous county in Nevada (Esmerelda county is the least populous).

Total population of the whole state is just 2016. This is actually a 30% population growth since year 2000.

buy land in Eureka county, nevada

buy land in Eureka county, nevada

It has a median age 41

Median income: $68K (US average is $53K)

Average house price is $148K

Income tax rate is 0%

Sales tax is 6%

Jobs growth predicted to rise 28% over the next 10 years.

According to BestPlaces.net, here are the current spread of employment sectors in Eureka county, Nevada.

Agri forestry fishing hunting


Mining, oil and gas extraction




Public Administration


Accommodation & Food Services




Professional, technical and scientific


The highest point of Eureka county is Diamond peak (10631ft) 3240m in the Diamond mountains

buy land eureka county nevada

buy land eureka county nevada

Source: wikipedia

Town Or Country In Eureka County

When you buy  land in Eureka county, Nevada you need to decide whether you wish to be in a town or out in the middle of nowhere. Both are possible and equally attractive depending on what your purpose is. There are 3 main towns- Eureka, Beowawe or Crescent Valley. Eureka town is an unincorporated town in and the county seat of Eureka County, Nevada.

You can pick up basic supplies from time to time in one of the 3 towns or there is a Wal-Mart super store in Elko (48 mins from Beowawe)

buy land in eureka county, nevada

buy land in eureka county, nevada

The opera house is the centerpiece of the historic downtown district in Eureka. United States. With a population of 610 as of the 2010 census, it is by far the largest community in Eureka County.

You do not need to be far off the beaten track to get a true sense of being as far away as possible from people and really getting a huge sense of space. If you wish to bring your RV, your ATVs, fly your drones, bring your dirt bikes, take the kids camping, build a hut, a bunker or a dream house, you can do it all here.

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