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Shipping Container Homes: Are They The Perfect Solution To Off Grid Living?

Shipping container homes are growing in popularity- and it’s no wonder why. They are versatile, cheap and fast to build. You can buy land cheaply, get shipping container homes designed and built off site, then have it transported and placed on your land. It can all be done in 6-10 weeks. Normal house building projects often take around 6-12 months!

Shipping Container Homes Are Ideal For Living Off Grid

If you find yourself drowning in a sea of increasing mortgage payments, sky high rental bills, electric and water bills, you may have wondered if it’s all worth it. Many people are turning to off grid living to take back control of their life and also to get ahead financially.  

If you want an alternative to a standard house in the suburbs, consider shipping container homes.

They are so much quicker, to build, cheaper to fund and depending on where you are located, you can be a little more creative.

Of course if you set up your off grid lifestyle correctly, you can dramatically reduce your grocery bill, water and power bills too.

With this thing in mind, you begin to think if there are possible and innovative ways to escape the norm and live your own way without relying on public resources.

Living off the grid means you will get away from all of these utilities and build sustainable energy of your own. What if you could harvest rainwater for example? What if you had a few animals and had your own supply of fresh milk, cream, eggs and cheese?

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What Are Shipping Container Homes?

Yes, literally, these are the containers you've seen carrying goods locally and abroad, either on ships, trucks, or trains.

Wait, how can these be turned into homes?

Just like your favorite Lego toy, these container blocks are combined together to build homes in desired shapes and ci-sizes.

Shipping container homes

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