Build Your Kick-Ass Underground Shelter-Well In Advance
underground shelter

Build Your Kick-Ass Underground Shelter-Well In Advance

While you are looking at land to buy you may also be considering creating a decent underground shelter just in case you need it. Peace time is the only time to build one. If you wait until there is a disaster, virus, chemical attack, nuclear attack, civil unrest, it is too late.

Many of our customers are preppers, survivalists or just people who are successful and have been used to thinking 3 steps ahead.

Now, I happen to agree that preparation is the key to great success. I do think there is merit in considering some of these possibilities without disappearing deep into the world of zombies and UFOs.

It may be wise to have a plan B in case a big city gets wiped out by the “wrong finger on the button” or there is a major virus/bio-toxin released by a hostile power. These events are not beyond the realm of possibility.

Of course if something happens to the whole world, we are all doomed. But it is possible that one or two big cities may be affected by some terrible disaster and if you have somewhere to bunker down for a few months, you may ensure your survival and that of your family’s. Maybe it will be your DNA that will be used to re-populate the world 🙂

An underground shelter that is well thought out and properly stocked, greatly increases your chances of surviving through war, pestilence, bio-terrosim, nuclear war and famine.

This is not some far fetched idea. It has already happened in living memory. There are plenty of people in Europe who could tell you about living in a bomb shelter in World War 2 for weeks on end.

These looked fairly grim by all accounts. The waste management system was a simple bucket and the only food available was ghastly canned food. This was OK for very short periods only.

underground shelter

However today’s wealthy are preparing  their underground bunkers in style with lavish interiors, games rooms, swimming pools, wine cellars and great food.

Whilst there is no need to bankrupt yourself on something you may never need, if you do have a little spare cash, it is an interesting idea to ponder.

Where Should You Create Your Underground Shelter?

Some people create a very simple underground shelter in their back garden- quite basic and not dissimilar to the world war 2 bunkers. You can dig it yourself or hire a digger for a couple of weeks. There is a lot of talk about using a shipping container and inserting that underground.

There are a lot of issues with this that many people have not thought through.

Generally the walls are not strong enough to load bear or resist a blast. It will not take too long for rust and corrosion to set in.

There is no ventilation- causing everyone who “survived” the initial disaster to eventually suffocate a few days later. If you did make an air shaft, it would easily give your position away or may get covered up quickly.

There is not enough space for enough food and water beyond a few days and only a few people could fit in there. How will you dispose of waste especially human waste and avoid getting sick?

It could be a major mistake to have your emergency bunker in your home city. If your home city is where the disaster happens, you may be too close to the virus/war/nuclear fallout/riots/looting/civil unrest.

If you have any money and a decent size house, you will be a target.

If you have enough spare cash, it makes sense to buy some land far away from your home and consider installing an underground shelter- along with whatever you will use the land for in the meantime- ranch, dirt bike park, hunting or rustic log cabin.  I prefer owning land and building an underground shelter away from my main home and out of my home city, preferably in the middle of nowhere that terrorist or hostile powers are not likely to target.

What To Consider When Building An Underground Shelter

The first thing to do is check the zoning laws in your state and county. Are you allowed to build a massive hole in the ground with tunnels going off here and there? Many big cities will simply not allow this- due to the danger of disrupting foundations of existing buildings and interfering with existing pipes and cables.

You will need to ensure your own underground water supply and install a septic system. Will you have a water purifying system and have a method for collecting and treating rain water? Some counties like Eureka county, Nevada have no zoning restrictions- you can build what you want within reason. (NB always check before building anything as rules could change).

Other factors to consider: How will you generate power? Will you be able to connect to the internet- if it still exists?

Will you have surveillance cameras on the outer surface of the shelter to see what is going on outside?

How many people will the underground shelter hold?

Who will you invite? How will you get there?

How long will your prepare food and water for- A few weeks? A few months? A few years?

You will need to consider your ventilation system- you will need a source of fresh air- perhaps filtered.

What material will you build the shelter from? Concrete? Wood? Fibreglass? Waterproofing is essential.

What about heat and warmth?

How Much Will An Underground Shelter Cost?

#1 Let’s start at the top of the range. Vivos Europa One founder, Robert Vicinio has created one of the most luxurious underground bunkers that exist. The entire facility costs $1 billion and can survive through chemical attacks, thermonuclear war, tsunami, earthquakes, and other disasters.

This underground shelter is located in Germany and has grand swimming pools, gyms, theaters, restaurants, customized apartment units, and a helicopter service. There are also several sites in USA and Korea. Vicinio has prepared for everything.

It also has its own roadways, railways, tunnel chambers, top-notch security system, blast-proof doors, self-contained water system, and power generators. Each family who purchased a unit will receive a 2500 square feet apartment unit with design based on their own specifications.

It has not been revealed as yet how much it will cost to own a space here- but think millions $$$…

underground bunker

Vivos says it has modeled its shelters after cruise ships to comfortably accommodate refugees waiting out the after-effects from a nuclear explosion or giant asteroid. This bunker also includes includes small hospitals and dental clinics, as well as movie theaters and banks of personal computers

#2 Another possibility is Radius Engineering Survival Shelters

These range from $200,000-$2 million, made from fiberglass shells which will outlast steel or concrete shells. They also come with air purifiers with a UV-radiation sterilization system too.

underground shelter

Radius shelters have thought of all the essentials for underground survival: plumbing, cooking appliances, climate control, consumer electronics and communications, and of course, battery banks and diesel generators to keep everything powered.

On top of that you can customize the extras like hydroponic agriculture systems can help you grow your own fruits and vegetables, fish tanks (for ongoing food) and even farm animals (if your site is large enough). You can order a swimming pool, half-court basketball, or a putting green. Plus install offices or study areas.

Costs vary depending on the size of the underground shelter and how many “extras” you install but they start around $300,000

#3 Atlas Survival Shelters

Atlas supply various bunkers and underground shelters across the county to the military and private citizens. Here is a good look at the inside of one:

They are air tight, gas tight, waterproof and bullet resistant. They have many different sizes, purposes, materials available with different pricing ranging from $50,000 to millions $$$. And don’t forget  installation costs which typically ranges from $5,000-$20,000 depending  on size.

Underground Shelter Communities

These days, if you have the spare cash, people are not just building a simple bomb proof room, they are building bunker apartments when they could survive for years. Some companies are building self sustaining underground living communities.

They have  hydroponic growing systems, air purification filters, oxygen generating systems, and UV lights in place to purify the air. The bunkers would have their own power plants, food production and waste management systems.

Here is a sneak peak at an underground shelter community in Kansas: The Shelter Condo Project… do not worry about applying though, as at a bargain $3million, they have already sold out:

Billionaires figure if they are going to build a luxury second home, it may as well serve as a bunker- just in case- as well.

So if you are looking to buy some land for your underground shelter, it worth purchasing it away from the big cities, somewhere remote. Best if it does not require permits, forms or authorities knowing where your bunker is. Places like Eureka county, Nevada have no zoning restrictions and is unlikely to be high on the target list of terrorists.

Whilst you may not be in a position to drop $3million on an elaborate, luxurious underground shelter, at least take a few steps to set yourself up with the basics. Even an above ground simple cabin or basic home with a small room underground stored with non perishable food and some water may give you a few days reprieve from a disaster. You can add to it later as funds allow.

Of course, having an underground shelter will add to the value of your home/second home/land.  Underground shelters are in high demand and this demand will surely be increasing over the foreseeable future with global tensions on the rise across the globe. Even now, any decent bunker project appears to be sold out immediately.

One thing is for sure, this industry is booming. Worth thinking about.

Update: (March 2020) We had a ton of acres available for sale in Eureka county, NV, it has ALL been sold except for one 40 acre parcel… With the outbreak of Cornoavirus, we are expecting this won’t be available much longer. If you want it, and make sure you can get away from people and build anything you want, you can email us direct or check it out here: 

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