Tiny Houses For Sale-Are These The Answers For Your Land?
tiny houses for sale

Tiny Houses For Sale-Are These The Answers For Your Land

Tiny houses for sale are growing in popularity as financial and environmental issues become more intense. So much so, that tiny houses have now become a "movement". Tiny houses are generally defined as small structures, which are built efficiently but comfortably to live in measuring less than 600 square feet.

What Is The Tiny House Movement?

The tiny house is the popular movement that advocates living simply in small homes. The advantages are:

•          Saves energy

•          Helps the environment

•          Simplifies life

Tiny houses are cheaper to build and cheaper to run. Most people do not even require a mortgage to get going. Also if you have much less room to store stuff, you tend to buy much less.

Ever notice that the clutter tends to build up no matter how big your house is?

Using less energy, means leaving less carbon footprint. Many people who live in tiny homes choose to live completely off the grid as well to make less impact on the land.

Disadvantages Of A Tiny Home

The biggest problem that people face is finding a legal place to put their tiny house.

County regulations vary across the country but you cannot just place your tiny home anywhere.

Many counties consider a tiny home to be an RV. 

They may tell you that you cannot live in a vehicle on the property for more than 30 consecutive days (because they consider the tiny house an RV). If it is considered a permanent residence, it will fall below minimum square footage

Check with your particular county as this tiny home movement is gaining popularity and square footage requirements are changing in many states. When you buy land in Eureka county Nevada for example, there are no zoning requirements,. You can build your tiny home here with no problem. ( or RV or camp with no time limits).

Or make it your mission to find a place where RVs are allowed to be inhabited for an unrestricted time

tiny houses for sale

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