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foreigners buy land in america

Can Foreigners Buy Land In America? 

Can foreigners buy land in America? Are there any restrictions?

It is very easy for any foreigner to buy land in America and it is the same process as for any US citizens buying land in USA.

  1. Find some land you want to buy
  2. Contact the seller or the agent
  3. Buy it

The USA does not require that a person be a US citizen to buy land. In most states there are no restrictions at all.

Be careful though if you are looking to buy property in an housing association or a building condominium associations.

Some of them have rules that prohibit absentee owners. This is less likely to occur with land and usually only happens with buildings.

Why do foreigners buy land in America?

The US is thriving at the moment. People from all over the world can see the booming stock market and booming real estate market and want to benefit as well.

foreigners buy land in America

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