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Check Out Beautiful Rye Patch Reservoir (And How To Enjoy The River Ranch Resort For Free!)

Rye Patch Reservoir is the place to go to enjoy many recreational activities, have fun with your friends and families and enjoy a beautiful oasis in Nevada. You can choose to either visit for short periods- or buy land nearby. This way, you can leave your RV or boat there permanently and just pop up easily when the conditions are perfect. If you love you might choose to build your second home here or move there permanently.

Rye Patch Reservoir is situated on the Humboldt River managed by Pershing County Water Conservation District and is located about 22 miles northeast of the town of Lovelock. The reservoir collects and stores water to aid the irrigation of lands around Lovelock to help sustain agriculture.

The reservoir was built between 1933-1936 along with the two smaller reservoirs lying on the eastern edge, the Upper and Lower Pitt-Taylor Reservoirs which were completed in 1912.

How Did Rye Patch Reservoir Get Its Name?

Rye Patch reservoir has a rich history. Its name originated from a patch of wild rye that grows along the railroad.

By the year 1869, a station was built on the Central Pacific Railroad. The town prospered during the 1860s and 1870s with the gold rush. The mine generated an estimated $1,000,000 worth of silver and gold. However when the processing mill closed in 1877, the town began fading away from its bounty and later on become a ghost town.

Rye Patch Reservoir Statistics- What Are The Stats?

Lake type Dammed, Artificial Reservoir
Water Level Control Pershing County Water Conservation District
Surface Area 10,820 acres
Shoreline Length 72 miles
Normal Elevation 4,135 feet
Maximum Elevation 4,144 feet
Average Depth 30 feet
Maximum Depth 61 feet
Water Volume 196,000 acre-feet
Completion Year 1936
Drainage Area 15,700 sq.miles

A Brief History of the Rye Patch Reservoir

The Rye Patch Reservoir has a rich history dating back thousands of years ago when the climate surrounding the area of Rye Patch was colder than what it is now. For the last 8,000 years, there were trails of humans living along the Humboldt River.

In the past, there was healthy vegetation of plants and other food resources. And because there was food and water, horses, camels, bison, rodents, and even the ancient mammoths roamed the lands and came to drink in the river bank.

From Wet Area To Dry Land

When the climate changed and warmed, the area became drier. The abundant Lake Lahontan slowly split up into smaller desert lakes namely the Pyramid and Walker lakes which are covered by Walker and Truckee rivers.

Due to these changes, a large number of animals perished as they struggle to survive. This is evident by numerous archaeological findings of fossilized bones discovered in the area, spreading at the different parts of the shoreline.

Ancient human inhabitants also found it hard to survive and adjust in the semi-arid land. They developed ways to hunt food which involves fishing and hunting. They would set traps to capture rabbits and catch ducks and fishes at shallow rivers and lakes.

Rye Patch Reservoir Gold Rush

It was in 1829 when explorers first came to the region. The first group was on their trapping expedition leading the Hudson Bay Company.

In 1849, the discovery of gold ignited more immigrants and prospectors to explore the area. This discovery paved a way to a booming gold economy during the 1860s and towns such as Rochester, Rye Patch, Star City, Unionville, and Humboldt City benefited tremendously.

To this day, visitors love to explore the Rye Patch Reservoir area and bring with them metal detectors in search of gold nuggets. There are still plenty to be found in the area!

The majority of people believe that the area surrounding Rye Patch reservoir is the state's best spot for searching gold nuggets.

What Is There To Do Around Rye Patch Reservoir

The area offers a lot of activities to do in Rye Patch Reservoir for all outdoor enthusaists.

The scenery is breathtaking; mountain trails, rivers, lakes, parks, campgrounds and more – perfect for your hiking, boating, fishing, swimming, water-skiing, camping, and picnics!

Below, we have outlined some of the best outdoor activities for you to try out. Gather your friends and families and get ready for an awesome adventure that is sure to give you fun and thrills.

Rye Patch Reservoir Fishing

If fishing is your jam, Rye Patch Reservoir offers excellent fishing all year long. The best months to fish are March, April, and May.  The warmer waters in these months will give you an abundance of fish such as smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, channel catfish, yellow perch, bluegill, spotted bass, rainbow trout, and wiper.

Check out this video of Rye Patch reservoir fishing. I have never actually seen so many fish caught in such a short time….

In addition, the state record for walleye has been caught at nearby Lahontan reservoir, weighing about 15.4lbs and measuring 33 inches in length, captured by Billy Foster in 1998. Fishing in the reservoir is allowed with a 25 gamefish limit.

However, the Nevada State Health Division advised that due to rising levels of mercury, it is strongly given notice that walleye and wipers should not be eaten while other fish in Rye Patch Reservoir are limited to eight ounces a week of consumption.

Rye Patch Reservoir Boating

Accessing the lake is easy for recreational boaters and anglers as there is  a great boat ramp and dock. Slip it in the water and have a great day out and plenty of adventure and exploring within the 22-mile-long reservoir.

This video gives you a great idea of the reservoir itself- boating, jet skis, tubing…

You can use canoes, kayaks, jet skis, fishing boats, and even powerboats. All vessels are welcome!

Rye Patch Reservoir Hunting

As mentioned earlier in this article, the reservoir which lies along the Humboldt River is the best spot for hunting gold. Bring your metal detector and start hunting Rye Patch’s gold nuggets deposited in its rich and dry land.

Gold is widely scattered in the area and buried shallow in the soil which makes it be easily detected by a metal detector. The desert shrubs and grass are no hassle as compared to other mining areas.

Check out this video showing a popular prospecting hunt-and the vastness of the land around Rye Patch Reservoir.

In addition, did you know that the Rye Patch gold has its unique characteristics that capture the interest of collectors? Dubbed as "chevron gold", the gold in Rye Patch sometimes come with a crystalline formation, making it distinctly impressive and rare. It can be found only around Rye Patch reservoir and other selected Northern Nevada districts.

You are never late to start the hunt! There is gold waiting to be found and you can be a lucky one. The area is not completely searched so everyone has a chance to find some valuable gold.

Rye Patch Reservoir Hiking

Nature lovers and hikers will delight exploring the Rye Patch Recreation Area surrounded by the majestic view of the captivating Humboldt Mountains. The shoreline is stunning and inspiring.

Along the trails, there are benches set for hikers, allowing them to stop and enjoy the scenic view of the lake's crystal-clear sparkling waters.

Rye Patch Reservoir Chilling Out

The reservoir has parks and camping grounds that are best suitable if you want to hang out and chill. These campgrounds are accessible and available on the western part of the reservoir and below the dam, offering showers and restrooms for visitors and campers.

Of course if you own land in Humboldt River Ranch Resort, you have free access to private campgrounds, RV sites, cabins. You also get free storage for your big ticket items like boats, RVs, jet-skis and trailers. Such great value. You can either build your dream home or vacation home on the land, or just hold it and use the facilitis year round for free.

Some people book this for their guests and build a home for themselves.

Rye Patch Reservoir Land For Sale

If you are looking to buy and invest in vacant land in Nevada near Rye Patch reservoir,  we have now SOLD OUT of all our land in Rye Patch reservoir area. But we still have land near Winnemucca and near Reno. Send us an email if you'd like something here so we can get on it for you.

Enjoy all year access to the facilities, an incredible view of nature, and a whole lot of recreation! 

Not often, you buy land and get resort facilities thrown in for free!

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