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owner financed land in missouri

Owner Financed Land In Missouri

Owner financed land in Missouri is fairly rare to find these days.

You would have more luck finding hen’s teeth to be honest. Everyone prefers to be paid right away and in cash. Am I right?

And who can blame them?

However, when it comes to buying land, using owner finance or seller finance is a very important part of the land buying process and allows you to get closer to your dream property faster than any other method.

Finding great owner financed land deals is fairly common in the western states like owner financed land in Nevada, owner financed land in Oregon and many others. However finding owner financed land to buy in Missouri can be challenging.

As you know if you are a regular reader of our blog, bank financing is extremely difficult to secure for vacant land. Find out why here: owner financed land.

At Vacant Land USA, luckily, we can offer owner financed land for sale in Missouri for certain properties.

The land available will change from time to time, as we continue to find great deals- and they do sell fast.

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Missouri Acreage For Sale By Owner

You have a much greater chance of working out an owner finance land deal in Missouri when you can find land for sale by owner

Once you deal directly with the owner, an offer can be made and you have a better chance of meeting somewhere in the middle so both sides are able to get what they want.

If you do not have all the money in cash available and if you cannot get a bank loan, it might leave you renting forever- unable to buy your dreamy cabin property, or secure that land to create your homestead and live off the grid or buy that hunting acreage for you and your buddies.

In Missouri, land for sale can be very valuable and fetch a high price. For example, if you are looking to buy 40 acres land in Missouri for $95K, you might not happen to have $90K-$100K sitting around in your piggy bank….

land for sale missouri

But if you can find land for sale by owner, you may be able to offer, say $40K down today then give them $10K per year for the next 5 years.

If you are the buyer- of course you are hoping to spread the payments out as long as possible.

With Owner Financed Land, The Seller is NOT A Bank

Do not forget that the seller IS NOT a bank….

The seller may need the money now for a medical emergency, or to pay off their own debts, or to pay a tax bill or to pay their employees payroll.

Also they do not have the ability or the desire to be chasing people all over the country for their payments.

For whatever reason, they have decided it is time to sell and they want/need their money as quickly as possible.

The seller does not really want to string the sale out for the next 30 years.

So do not be surprised if your offer of $250 down and $250 a month for the next 31 years is politely declined…

Most land sellers will be willing to negotiate to some extent, so feel free to make a offer, but be reasonable and fair at your end, and most sellers will be reasonable and fair to you.

What Are The Typical Terms For Owner Financed Land?

The typical time frame for seller financed land is 3-5 years. Some might be happy to extend it to 6-7 years but do not expect much more than that.

Try to think outside the box and be creative….

If the seller is wanting say $25K down payment and you only have $10K, instead of walking away with your bottom lip out, is there a way to raise $15K in the next 2 weeks?

Maybe your parents/your kids would be happy to give you a short term loan for $5K (as long as they know it is going to an asset ie a parcel of land and won't be lost down at the casino?)

Maybe your best friend or your brother will loan you $5K as well.

Maybe you can work like a demon for a few weeks on Uber/Lift/pizza delivery/overtime at the hospital and put together an extra $5K?

Suddenly you may be able to raise $25K and may be able to meet the seller’s down payment request.

Why Buy Owner Financed Land In Missouri?

We love the “Show Me” state! It is home to over 6 million great people and is packed with beautiful scenery and great cities.

Missouri is also rich in culture, blending elements from the Midwest and the South as well as European influences from past French and German settlers.

Today it is divided into 114 counties. Even though it is an inland state, there is a ton of fresh water due to stunning lakes and water ways like Missouri River, Mississippi River, Table Rock Lake and the Lake of the Ozarks.

There are also plentiful forests, lots of wildlife and many insanely awesome spots for hunters.

Agriculture is a huge industry, as is financial services, beer, wine, beef, biotech and aerospace.

Tourism draws in millions of visitors to enjoy the rivers, caves, state parks and lakes. Places like Gateway National Arch in St Louis, The Ozark National Scenic Riverways National Park or the Meramec Caverns in Stanton.

owner finance land missouri

Beautiful things to see and do in Missouri keep visitors flocking back year after year to the stunning natural world but also to the vibrant cities like St Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson city and gateways to the Ozarks like Branson.

Some visitors/tourists buy land in Missouri as they love it and they visit often.

The other massive group of people who buy land for sale in Missouri are locals, who are looking for land on which to build their dream home, or first home buyers looking to buy land rather than rent. They can sometimes put a tiny home on, or a mobile home and set up very cheaply building their valuable asset. Or homesteaders looking to live off the grid. Or farmers looking to expand their holdings.

Also a lot of outdoorsmen buy land for hunting grounds, or to go dirt biking, hiking, or camping.

And there are a lot of people looking to expand their existing acreage either for investment purposes (they trust land more than governments of banks), or if they have some practical skills, they know they can buy vacant land on owner finance, install utilities, put in a driveway and sell it in a few months to a grateful cash buyer who is happy to pay to have all that work done for them.

Or builders buy vacant land, make improvements, put up a home and sell it on the normal housing market.


There are many good reasons to buy vacant land.

And by using owner financing, there is usually a way to secure your land faster than you think.

Whether you want to buy land to ensure you and your family always have a place to live and a source of sustenance (especially if you have a garden), raise some chickens and have installed your own well or have a rainwater collection system.

Whether you want land to store wealth or to create wealth, to pass onto your kids or to use it for fun and outdoors delights, there is usually a way to work with the seller to make it happen.

And of course if you are in the fortunate situation to have the cash on hand, then you may be able to scoop up a better deal with a cash discount.

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