Land For Sale In Missouri By Owner Financing
Land for sale in missouri by owner financing

Land For Sale In Missouri By Owner Financing

Finding land for sale in Missouri by owner financing is a very quick way to secure your dream property. If the land you have found is for sale by owner, you will be able to work directly with the seller to discuss owner finance options.

As discussed previously, owner financing has many benefits for both the buyer and the seller.

It allows you to work with the seller to obtain a successful result for both parties.

The buyer has the opportunity to take the property off the market quickly and make sure they do not miss out on the land for sale.

The owner is able to secure a down payment and sell their land gradually over time.

If you have been thinking about moving to Missouri for a while, here are a few more great reasons to check out this great state!

land for sale by owner financing missouri

What happens after an owner finance deal is reached?

You and the seller will both sign paperwork that outlines the subject property, the purchase price, the terms you have agreed, the interest rate and the monthly payment.

The completion of the owner financed deal in Missouri usually occurs in one of 3 ways:

1) The down payment is made, then the agreed monthly payments occur for the term of the owner financed loan. Once the seller has received the agreed sale price in full, the new deed will be recorded in the buyer's name at the county


2) The down payment is made, the buyer then secures traditional funding with a bank or lending institution. In some cases a bank will lend you the money for the land. In other cases, the bank will lend you the total funding for the home and land together. The buyer is able to complete early. The seller is paid in full by the bank/lending institution and the buyer continues their arrangement with the bank.


3) The down payment is made, the buyer starts their monthly payments. Sometimes buyer may elect to pay the seller in full early to get the title in their name. Often this is if they wish to start the building process, or wish to live on the property.

Typically with owner financing, you will not be able to live on the land until you have paid for the property in full. If you are seeking bank financing for a home, the bank will want to see that you own the real estate that the house is built on before they will lend you the money for the house.

Makes sense!

owner financing missouri

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