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hunting land for sale

Hunting Land For Sale: Important Factors To Consider

Hunting land for sale is a phrase commonly talked about by anyone who hunts. Imagine having your very own hunting grounds.

Imagine being able to go hunting whenever the season is right and you can slink off work for a few days. Continuing to rely on public lands or getting an invite to someone else’s private property to hunt gets boring after a while. Fighting for the prime spot amongst everyone else is annoying when you pay a lot of money to be there.

Buying your own hunting land will solve many of these problems. At some point, most hunters will consider buying their own hunting land- here are a few things to keep in mind.

Owning Hunting Land Gives You More Control

Owning your own hunting land allows you to manage the herds to some extent and to add extra features to your property to attract more animals that you want.

hunting land for sale

You can plant or cut trees, choose which animals you hunt or don’t hunt, plant food pots, haul in extra water or drill a well to create a pond and set your stands where you want.

Plus you can continue to benefit from the land in the off-season

  • Go camping, fishing, dirt biking with your buddies
  • Keep the family happy and bring the kids out for amazing sleeping under the stars. Teach them about nature and show them some new survival skills
  • Create a bunker –just in case
  • Build a fabulous hunting lodge or weekend retreat
  • Fly your drones and improve your dirt bike skills

What Do I Need To Consider When Choosing Hunting Land For Sale?

As with any real estate, location and budget are two important factors which must be balanced.

The best locations will be super expensive. However, it is possible to buy some affordable hunting land for sale then make gradual improvements over time. This increases your enjoyment and use of the land, plus it will increase the value of the hunting land in the future.

Here are some factors to consider when looking at hunting land for sale:

How close is the hunting land for sale to where you live most of the time?

Most people wish to be within 3 hours of their hunting location.

However if you have the time and flexibility to get away more often, perhaps you can come away for a few weeks or a few months at a time and this may not be a concern.

Will you need to build a cabin for overnight accommodation?

This may depend on how close your home is to the hunting land and what type of hunting you do. Some hunts are best at night, sometimes you are stalking an animal and it may require a late night.

You may be grateful to have a cabin on site. Some counties will allow an RV to be parked there, or some locations may have motels or accommodation in the local town.

How close are supplies to the hunting land for sale?

Supplies are important for ease of stocking up quickly. Convenience is key. How far away is the closest town?

Are there any county zoning restrictions?

This should be obvious but always ensure the county permits your plans- whether that be running hunting weekend for your friends, building a structure, drilling a well or letting your RV stay on your land. The hunting land for sale that we have in Eureka county has no zoning restrictions.

You do not want any nasty surprises down the track

What are the food and water sources already available on the land?

Check out the available food sources for the animals you wish to hunt- do they eat berries, fruit, grass, agriculture? Low hanging trees, brushy shrubs, leafy vines or brush-style vegetation? Acorns from oak and nuts from hickory trees are also high in the diet of many animals. Broadleaf plants that have flowers, grass and grass-like plants. Then there are neighboring farm fields and existing or future food plots that may attract wildlife.

These are all potential food sources which will attract animals to your hunting land. If you only have some of these, are you able to plant some trees, shrubs and put out some food plots?

What about water?

Ponds, swamps, rivers and springs often attracts plentiful wildlife.

hunting land for sale nevada

If you don’t have water on the surface of your hunting land, can you create a source of water via a well to attract more animals? Some people haul water in. Both of these methods work well but remember to factor this in as a cost to your purchase price.

What layout of the land is best for you?

Hilly, flat? Rolling?

Where will you put your cabin, so deer, elk, antelope or rabbits do not get spooked when you drive in and out?

Check out what cover animals might require during the day for the hot sun.

If there are a lack of trees and bushes, you can bring some in. Get planting but be strategic about the location.

Check out signs of animals on the hunting land for sale already- droppings, tracks or you may be able to place a trail camera overnight to watch for some night time activity

What are the animal management practices of nearby owners?

Always check out the neighbors. Who are they? Is your future hunting land adjacent to BLM land?

Are the neighbors fellow hunters? They may be a wealth of information. Do not be shy about introducing yourself and asking questions to gain some local knowledge.

Sometimes the land may be held privately by people who never visit their land. This can be an advantage in itself.

Is Hunting Land For Sale A Good Investment?

Good high quality hunting land for sale is always in high demand. If it is in a popular hunting region, it will always be popular. If you can make improvements to the land to increase the animals that frequent your land, you can improve the popularity. If it is less popular, it may suit your purposes anyway, if there are enough animals to suit you and a few buddies. You can pick up the land at a cheaper price, you can make improvements to land, attract more animals, add a nice cabin and make your property more desirable.

Plus there is the fun, enjoyment and pride of owning a piece of rural America which so many people dream about. In addition, if you are able to create lasting memories with your family, or friends that is hugely valuable. Many hunters want to hold some land to pass down to their kids later on.

Then there is the possibility of leasing out your hunting land to a hunting company when you are not using it. It could generate you a nice income along the way. Hunting companies are always looking for new spots to bring their clients. Hunters are always are looking out for new territory to keep it interesting.

Also many rural properties are attractive to all sorts of people, like farmers, ranchers, preppers, off the grid types and homesteaders.

Do We Have Hunting Land For Sale?

At the moment much of our great hunting land for sale has recently been sold at the time of writing this but remember to check in from time to time to see what is available

Current Available Land For Sale

Owning your own property can be a rewarding experience and a good investment for you and your family. Do a little research and you and your family will have hunting land for sale and fantastic memories that will last a lifetime.

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