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Going Off The Grid: Alternative Ways To Build

Going off the grid has never been more relevant right now.

As I am writing this, we are in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine.

The world seems to have gone crazy, people are scared and panicking.

No one knows how this will play out.

The preppers are smugly saying “I told you so” as they retire safely to their bunkers with their 3 yrs of rations supply and safe sources of water.

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The masses are hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Businesses are shut down across the globe.

Stock markets are decimated.

There are massive queues to buy guns and other weapons. Either to "protect" themselves and also to get back to some hunting land and provide for their family like in days gone by.

And there is a huge rise is people looking to buy land away from the cities and looking to make sure they are never “at risk” again.

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People are taking massive action to buy some land for sale, looking to create a small sustainable hobby farm to grow their own food, raise chickens, and set up their own energy systems and water systems so that they can live and survive off the grid if they have to.

Whilst we should all get through this current crisis (hopefully), it has certainly been a HUGE wake up call in how quickly things can change and how long things might take to recover.

It is a huge wake up call in ensuring we can provide for our own needs and not rely on someone else or an institution to come and save you.

It only took 2-3 weeks for the stock markets to crash violently and erase 10 years of gains, for the unemployment lines to sky rocket and supermarket shelves to be empty.

Many of us have never experienced anything like it.

Many people are suddenly realising how fragile our economy really is and how reliant we are on our own government and foreign governments for the basic necessities of life…

What if a foriegn power decides it will no longer supply basic pharmaceuticals to millions of Americans who depend on them to stay alive???

Can we ramp up our own production?

Do we currently have the facilities?

Should this be one of the priorities moving forward?

There will need to be a huge re-think and re-structure at the macro level but at the micro level what can you do to protect your family and keep your family safe, healthy, not stressed and well looked after. 

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