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6Ac Land For Sale, Potosi, Missouri-SOLD

6Ac land for sale in Potosi Missouri is available. This is such a great spot and is an excellent investment. Minimal development all around makes this property a perfect getaway.

There is abundant wildlife for avid hunters with state parks being just miles away.  And a low stress, easy environment for homesteaders, off-gridders, preppers, van-lifers, campers, outdoors types and anyone who loves to own land in Missouri out of the city.

Similar sized parcels sell for $25K-$30K. Snap up this bargain at just $14,999 before prices rise again in the current rush for land!

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This land for sale in Missouri is located 13 miles north from Potosi center and 6 miles from Mark Twain National Forest.

72 miles from St Louis and 105 miles from Jefferson City.

Enjoy some time getting back to nature, setting up your comfortable life with some seclusion and remember what becoming self-reliant means. (Though town is not too far away if you need it!)

Grab it today for just $15,999  NOW: $14,999 

This is the Holy Grail. This is YOUR land and that when YOU own it, YOU can do what you want.

Want to put up a simple cabin? No problem!

Want to live in a tiny home? Go for it!

Build a sizeable mansion? Why not!

Want to go camping there on weekends? Be my guest!

How about chilling out here in your RV? Perfect!

Beautiful rural landscapes and breathtaking views nearby.

Remember what its like to live with some freedom again.

Make sure YOU own some land for sale in Missouri away from clogged up cities, pollution, traffic and crowded sidewalks.

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